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Announcing relocation!



To our dear Step I families,

Mid-town has captured our heart and soul for 32 years and we have embraced every moment. In August 2019, in the middle of our lease, our landlord notified us that we had a year's notice to vacate our space to make room for redevelopment of the building. Our first priority was to stay in the midtown area that we so loved, however for various reasons, this was not possible. We expanded our search outside the area and we are so grateful to be relocating to a new space in NATOMAS! We are in the Raley's shopping center on the corner of Truxel Rd and Del Paso Blvd. We will be open in August for the start of our Fall session. It is a beautiful 7500 sq. foot space with four dance rooms. Construction will be completed by the end of July.

We understand change is difficult. We couldn't even imagine not being here for the next 30 years. It took us weeks to treat this as a new and exciting opportunity. Step I is truly a family and we love each and everyone of you. We know this change of commute may not work for all but we are praying you will make this transition with us. We would love to be a part of your continued dance journey. The space in on the corner, so it has 2 sides of glass, floor to ceiling. Our official address is 4710 Natomas Blvd. Suite 150. Our Step I sign will be installed on the building Monday.

We want to express our extreme gratitude to you for your support and love for all these years. Fall schedule should be completed within 2 weeks. Please remember, our In-studio Showcase is July 25th. Details will be sent this week.

Love, Mary and Pepper

Dear Step I Families, In the 32 years of providing dance and fitness classes to our community, there has never been a more powerful time than now to let you know how very grateful we are to you for taking this journey with us. We stand strong and committed to continuing this tremendous family with you. We have been given permission to return home for in-studio classes.


Our priority is the health and safety of you. Much consultation and planning has gone into developing our new health protocol in line with CDC guidelines for our type of business. We will continue to adjust and adapt to the best practices. We appreciate your patience and flexibility during this process.


1. All participants are encouraged to bring personal hand sanitizer.

2. Masks will be encouraged but NOT required. Please bring your own mask with you if you desire to wear one. If you are a parent who needs to stay with your dancer, be sure to distance from others and wear a mask. We are asking that whenever possible, parents wait outside the studio for their dancer. There will be no congregating in the lobby.

3. Participants should only bring essential items into the studio. ** The water fountain will not be available. Please pre-fill your personal water bottle before arrival.

4. No one will be admitted with an elevated temperature or if experiencing flu-like symptoms, such as sneezing, coughing, runny nose.

5. Class size will be limited. You may reserve your placement by calling 916-448-7837 or email Class fees may be taken care of with venmo or credit card.


1. All participants will enter one at a time or by family.

2. Temperature will be taken first at the front counter with a no touch, infrared thermo-gun, followed by a spray of hand sanitizer.

3. Check in for class at the front desk and proceed directly to your designated classroom.

4. Instructors will open the door to the studio once it has been disinfected and cleaned.

5. Classes will run for 45-50 minutes and participants will follow the staggered exit patterns in place to leave the building. If you have backto-back classes, you must exit and re-enter following protocol.

6. Instructor will close the door and disinfect the room for the next class. The door will be opened when ready to receive the next class participants.

7. Parents will meet their dancer outside the front door.

8. Adult class participants will exit through a back fire exit hallway that leads to the sidewalk outside.

9. Distancing and direction arrows are in place according to CDC guidelines.

Sanitizer: We have hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in each room and front desk.

No close contact: We will be adjusting many things in the classroom to avoid contact. Distancing protocol has been measured and marked. Students will not be allowed to hold hands, hug, high five or any contact.

Surface cleaning: We will be frequently wiping down the front counter and other surfaces throughout the day. The studio will be professionally disinfected with an antibacterial fog/spray weekly. Each classroom will be cleaned and disinfected between each class.

Fitness equipment: No fitness equipment will be in use other than mats which will be cleaned before and after each use. We remain positive and so grateful to see you again in person.

Through it all, we remain a tremendous family with love and much to celebrate. We will emerge stronger and more resilient than ever. We find strength in imagining the huge hug that is in our future together. This will be a day to embrace. Looking forward to connecting with you live!

Peace, love and hope,
Mary and Pepper





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Address: 4710 Natomas Blvd Suite 150 Sacto CA. 95835
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